Why choose a trip with Northern Soul?

There is a reason why the Ojibwa and Cree called Manitoba " land where the spirit lives ". A paddling adventure with Northern Soul will bring you to the very edge of the Arctic and into the deepest reaches of the Boreal Forest.   Our fun-loving spirit, excellence in guiding, and the deep boreal silence on our trips are a powerful combination to bring you a sensory awakening experience in the best tradition of wilderness travel. You will leave Manitoba with body mind and spirit re-energized in a way only the wilderness can do.

We'll be upfront with you. A Northern Soul trip is not the cheapest canoe trip in Manitoba. We believe we can leave more than just our foot prints and strive to make a positive difference in everything we do.  We follow the principles of sustainable tourism and choose to use the local suppliers in the communities we travel through.  From organic home-dried produce to sweat lodge ceremonies and feasts serving the local delicacies. These are added expenses that other companies choose not to include in their itineraries. Many of these remote northern communities are increasingly under pressure from mining and forestry.  By bringing some form of economic benefit to remote Northern communities, Northern Soul hopes to encourage the best use of their resources and develop sustainable industries and practices. Our philosophy is reassured in that past guests come back year after year and tell us it makes their experience enjoyable in every way.

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