Northern Soul's accumulated experience is unequalled in the province of Manitoba, because of our experience, we know that every group is unique. So over the years we have arranged customized trips for groups with specific needs. Some of these groups have included:

  • Scientific Researchers
  • Army / Air / Sea Cadets
  • Movie Industry People
  • Boy Scouts
  • Environmental Lobby Groups
  • First Nation Bands
  • Families

Have your own group? Prefer a different departure date than the one listed? Generally with a group of four or more it is our pleasure to provide you with a customised itinerary to suit the needs of your group. But in order to set Northern Soul's expert route
planners in motion, we need to know a few things:

  • Size of your group
  • Number of days you have available
  • Level of experience
  • What's important to you, for example: you may want to focus the trip on fishing or photography.
  • Dates you have available
  • Budget

Once we have this information we will contact you with an itinerary and approximate price for your customised adventure. No obligation on your part.

Once you've approached your group with the information and a decision has been made, we will require a deposit to reserve your adventure. Detailed information packages, including equipment lists and other logistical information, will be sent to everyone in your party.


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